The Strong Importance of Providing Superb Remote Customer Care Support for the Leisure Travelers

The travel industry has without a doubt been over past decades one of the most important business-and-consumer-driven industries in the world due to its ample application in providing wonderful success opportunities to a whole slew of industries; tourism alone — for example –provides opportunities to more than a billion leisure travelers per year to enjoy all that life has to give. With the extreme importance and significance of the travel industry and the opportunities that it provides, it is direly important for tourism agencies to provide remote customer service support that can meet consumers’ travel needs with ease. Callnovo Contact Center is excited for the opportunity to provide such needed customer care support for travelers and is 100% committed to ensuring that the travel industry customer care support that it provides helps leisure travelers to enjoy their travel experiences to the fullest.

Vince Lupe is Callnovo Contact Center’s Marketing Assistant; he is proficient in the English and Spanish languages and shares more than 3 years of experience in marketing and in sales, as well over 13 years of experience in a variety of industrial customer service opportunities nationally and internationally. Along with Callnovo’s excellent operation and information technology teams (IT), Vince is dedicated to utilizing his seasoned experience in such a way as to ensure that all of Callnovo’s travel industry clients have a reputable call center customer care team to trust in when it comes to resolving their travelers’ various customer service support needs; likewise, Vince also dedicates his time to externally reaching prospective travel industry clients with Callnovo’s services while Callnovo’s operation team hires, trains, monitors, and manages competent customer service representatives (CSRs) who are prepared to effectively and efficiently provide key solutions to each client’s business and consumer base and while the IT team manages the CRM platform which has been a vitally important tool for keeping contact center operations fully functional so that CSRs can quickly and professionally provide superb solutions to businesses and consumers through the various channels that they utilize (phone calls, live chat, e-mail, SMS messaging, and / or social media).

Over the last four or five decades, it has been becoming increasingly clear that the travel industry plays a very significant role in global economic growth for many industries — especially for tourism agencies when it comes to the way that they provide for leisure travelers the opportunity of a lifetime to soar beyond horizons and to experience real life by taking journeys to new and foreign worlds that let them meet new people, experience different cultures, see breathtaking new heights and terrains, and accomplish things that for many would seem to be impossible — thereby providing for these agencies strong success in the ever-the-more competitive global market. Tourism is by far one of the most vibrant industries in the world, opening up opportunities for more than an average of 1.4 billion leisure travelers per year — and resulting in more than 1.48 trillion U.S. dollars in annual gross revenue; in consideration of these statistics, it is crucial that we understand that travel is a grand benefit to economic growth and is also a key motivator for its success. By successfully providing a superb tourism experience, tour agencies have a marvelous opportunity to strongly compete in the global market and secure a steady increase in revenue, contributing to global economic growth in a grand way.

As tourism is direly important for economic growth, we must take into consideration an interesting occurring trend that has been increasingly becoming more standard every year not just for tour agencies — but, for businesses / corporations in general — and has been replacing the way that they interact with their consumers; this new standard involves the usage of remote and Telecom communication channels such as phone calls, SMS messaging, live chats, e-mail, websites, and social media. Businesses and consumers are utilizing these channels since they make productivity more efficient and allow product / service providers to collaborate more widely with their purchasers in order to provide and receive key solutions in a faster manner. The standardization of these communication channels along with extreme importance of tourism for economic growth is showing that there is a grand need for remote customer care support that provides leisure travelers the confidence that they require to travel safely, without challenges and with ease — with the goal in mind of being able to enjoy their journeys to the fullest.

Remote customer care is an extremely important aspect in the functioning of tourism agencies because it provides for leisure travelers the customer service that they need so that their travel goals can be met with ease; as with all industries, customer service professionals are the face of each business / corporation — meaning that, if consumers enjoy a superb customer service experience, they will find the products / services that they purchase to be of value and will find that value as a justifier for the price that they pay. With regards to tourism, an excellent customer service experience guarantees that leisure travelers enjoy a smooth arrival to their tourist destinations so that they can further enjoy a fuller touristic adventure and can bring home wonderful memories that last for a lifetime; more than enjoying a smooth arrival, a superb customer care experience likewise gives leisure travelers peace of mind knowing that they won’t run into any issues during their travels that would jeopardize their travel goals — and, would even assure travelers that they would have the travel solutions necessary to cover any such issues during every trip.

While it is clear that customer service support in the tourist industry is a key to ensuring that leisure travelers enjoy wonderful touristic experiences, we at Callnovo Contact Center find it a privilege to be able to utilize our over 40 years of travel industry experience and over 16 years of customer care experience to provide superb customer care support that allows tourism agencies the opportunity to meet their leisure travelers’ travel needs with ease so that — by meeting travelers’ needs in such a way that they can experience new opportunities in life by breaking boundaries and enjoying new horizons — contributing to a superb travel experience — these agencies may compete in the competitive global market successfully and bring in an increase in revenue; by collaborating with our team of customer care professionals, the travel industry’s tourism businesses and corporations can enjoy a myriad of key benefits (non-extensive):

Around the Clock Customer Service Support — Without Locational Limits
We have strategically-placed offices in more than six countries and in more than ten sites throughout the world; our entire staff not only dynamically provides effective and efficient remote customer care solutions in over 35 languages worldwide (such as: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, etcetera) — but, our staff handles overall throughout the entire range of our services more than 1,000 clients. We are thankful for our worldwide coverage because it allows us the opportunity to provide superb customer service support at any time during the day — regardless of the time zone; all tour agencies can feel content and at peace to know that we have highly-skilled offshore and offsite professionals that are available to provide the key solutions that leisure travelers need for all of their travel needs — whenever they need them — since providing a highly satisfactory customer service experience is our upmost priority.

Complete Customer Care Support
We offer a complete customer service support package that provides telephone-based, SMS-messaging-based, web-based, e-mail-based, social-media-based and live-chat-based customer care support that has global coverage and multilingual capability, and our client success manager is 100% committed to taking care of all global multilingual customer service responsibilities during each detail of the entire process of outsourced operations — including: the obtaining of client toll-free 1–800 numbers, the designing and recording of professional interactive voice responses (IVRs), the configuration of all telephone systems and CRM settings, the recruitment, interview, testing, and training of all customer service representatives (CSRs), quality assurance, communications, follow-ups, operation feedback, the organization of meetings, recording and monitoring — and so much more. In addition to the above, Callnovo Contact Center’s information technology (IT) team uses leading cloud communication and CRM platforms to cater to clients’ specific requirements; likewise, the IT team handles ticket management, phone recordings, SMS messaging, and social media, as well as advanced reporting and other functions in one perfectly integrated platform.

State-of-the-Art Customer Care Tools
We use the most advanced technology to ensure that each one of our CSRs can effectively and efficiently provide the quickest and most convenient travel solutions for every and all issues that leisure travelers may have; the benefit of this is that our current and prospective clients do not need to invest in us since we already have the necessary resources to customer service and tech support needs. By investing in our clients first, we can ensure that no client should have to pay high-cost software license fees, giving them the advantage and privilege of freely enjoying all the advanced features of modern cloud-based call center technology without any extra cost.

One of the platforms that we use is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — the most up-to-date standard in client-consumer relations. CRM is the fastest growing and most widely used system available and prides itself in giving customer care agents a complete overview of every consumer during the entire life-cycle of their interactions with each customer service agent; customer care professionals can collaborate with each other in multiple-CSR accounts as well as with their clients’ staff. In addition to this, customer care professionals can see each business’, corporation’s, and consumer’s history, the status of each issue, each business’, corporation’s, and consumer’s social media activity (if applicable), campaign and lead information (if applicable), and so much more. The system is so beneficial that it can move businesses and corporations forward in shifting them from just being productive to being inherently consumer-centered; this not only ensures that needs are met — but also ensures that there is active business growth. Furthermore, one of the best perks that the system provides is the ability to manage issues across the different Telecom and communication channels without losing track of any issues; being able to connect many functions and those that utilize them on one platform is pricelessly valuable for delivering vitally important customer service experiences in a connected way.

The Utmost Integrity
As an ISO 9001-certified outsourced customer service and technical support contact center, we uphold the highest quality of integrity when it comes to client-based solutions, proving that our clients can confide in us completely. For clients, we offer the security of a perfect collaboration experience with a personal touch to our services by emphasizing excellent results, promoting the highest ethics in our many services, as well as by maintaining transparency in our operations and communication — all to the end that our clients can be assured of how extremely important they are to us. On the consumer side of things, we utilize quality control specialists who analyze CSR-consumer interactions in such a way that they can ensure that very high-level language skills are used and that proper customer care is provided. Quality control specialists conduct at least two checks per week per agent to see how each CSR is doing with their customers; if needed, soft-skill training is provided — as well as recommendations on how CSRs can improve their communication. In addition to this, quality control specialists are assigned to any CSR that experiences difficulties in speaking or understanding a language to ensure that they can improve their language skills.

Money and Resource Savings
By utilizing Callnovo Contact Center for customer care support outsourcing needs, tourism agencies are able to save money and resources the following way (non-extensive): (1) they are able to save on the costs that they would pay for hiring onboard client service staff, (2) they are able to save the time needed to develop and complete projects by allowing more efficient and effective offshore and offsite professionals to take over these projects at a fraction of the cost, (3) they are able to save costs on infrastructure development by allowing professionals offshore and offsite professionals to make the necessary infrastructural changes at a fraction of the cost that industries would spend to do such work onsite, and (4) they are able to save on in-house training and recruitment costs since offshore and offsite partners already have the right professionals needed to take care of all the outsourcing business’ / corporations’ needs.

In conclusion, as we have seen above, tourism and its extremely important need of providing remote customer care support is a supreme factor in economic growth; the industry has opened up ample opportunities for leisure travelers to enjoy life by visiting new cultures, meeting new people, and taking in beautiful new sites. Callnovo Contact Center is and has been for over 40 years 100% dedicated to facilitating the ease of travelers’ travel plans so that leisure travelers have the opportunity to enjoy new touristic experiences that leave a lasting impression on their lives.

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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