Shopee Thailand and Lazada Thailand: Behind Each eCommerce Platform’s Sales Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Cross-border eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Thai Language

Following Lazada Thailand’s and Shopee Thailand’s popularity amongst Thai eCommerce consumers despite the COVID-19 pandemic, global eCommerce sellers can generate a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability by successfully adhering to the each ePlatform’s service standards; Callnovo Contact Center is ready to help cross-border eCommerce sellers take advantage of this opportunity with localized customer service in the Thai language that builds Thai eCommerce customer trust to the end that they and existing Thai customers become long-term loyal shoppers, incrementing eSellers’ long-term sales success in the competitive global e-Commerce market.

Lazada’s and Shopee’s e-Commerce Market Success in Southeast Asia’s Thailand Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has had a debilitating effect on global eCommerce markets, that has not stopped Thailand from finding eCommerce sales stability and growth; as of the beginning of this year (2021), internet penetration has reached an extremely significant approximation of 70% and is growing — with an astonishing 48.6 million internet users give or take, showing a growth increase of 3.4 million internet users from last year. What this has actually translated into for Lazada Thailand and Shopee Thailand is strong e-Commerce success — what we’re talking about here is a whopping 36.67 million monthly Lazada Thailand website visits and an even more breathtaking 51.24 million monthly Shopee Thailand e-Commerce platform visits — making Shopee the biggest leading online eCommerce selling and buying conglomerate in the entire Thai e-Commerce market! The apparent popularity of each Southeast Asian eCommerce platform is an attractive magnet that undoubtedly brings a strong margin of eCommerce success to any cross-border e-Commerce seller with the right understanding of how to take advantage of the platforms’ Preferred Seller perks.

Preferred Seller Service Standards and Advantages

With such an unprecedented opportunity, cross-border e-Commerce sellers must understand that merely selling on the Lazada and Shopee platforms isn’t enough to truly be successful; both platforms have the capacity of augmenting eSellers’ sales opportunities by boosting traffic to their seller shops — however, the opposite can also occur if global eSellers aren’t careful. Preferred Seller perks can generate for cross-border eSellers a stronger long-term sales success and financial stability. Let’s briefly go over each ePlatform’s Preferred Seller advantages and also explain about the standards of service that must be upheld on each platform in order to bask in those benefits.

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