Online Academics: its Grand Application and the Strong Necessity for Superb Customer Care Solution Options for Online Academic Students

Over the past 5-to-10 years, we have been seeing a rising trend that is dynamically changing the way in which educators bring academic study to students; this trend is becoming a new standard that is not replacing classic academic study — but that is actually enhancing such study — and, that trend is called ‘online academics.’ With the many advantages of online education for educators and students alike, there comes a great need for the provision of high-quality, professional customer care support that meets student needs in a rapid manner and that proficiently facilitates their studies so that they may successfully become the person whom they have dreamed to be. Callnovo Contact Center is proud to be able to provide such customer service support and is 100% committed to assuring that students can live out those dreams and become extremely successful professionals.

Vince Lupe is Callnovo Contact Center’s Marketing Assistant; he is proficient in the English and Spanish languages and shares more than 3 years of experience in marketing and in sales, as well over 13 years of experience in a variety of industrial customer service opportunities nationally and internationally. Along with Callnovo’s excellent operation and information technology teams (IT), Vince is dedicated to utilizing his seasoned experience in such a way as to ensure that all of Callnovo’s online education-providing clients have a reputable call center customer care team to trust in when it comes to resolving their various customer service support needs; likewise, Vince also dedicates his time to externally reaching prospective online education-providing clients with Callnovo’s services while Callnovo’s operation team hires, trains, monitors, and manages competent customer service representatives (CSRs) who are prepared to effectively and efficiently provide key solutions to each client’s business and consumer base and while the IT team manages the CRM platform which has been a vitally important tool for keeping contact center operations fully functional so that CSRs can quickly and professionally provide superb solutions to businesses and consumers through the various channels that they utilize (phone calls, live chat, e-mail, SMS messaging, and / or social media).

The provision of high-quality academic study has been without a doubt direly important throughout the entire history of our existence — as it continues to be; it is because of academics that humanity is able to continue the legacy of strengthening economic growth and to also keep the world turning. Education — which empowers young people to develop the key skills and talents that strengthen every person’s quality of life and that keep startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations providing the world’s needed products and services — is the driving force of the global economy; without academic study, there would be no humanistic growth and humanity would not be able to make the world a better place by providing all that is necessary to continue life — furthermore, high-quality education keeps the sciences advancing which in-turn contributes to the development of more advanced discoveries.

Due to the extreme importance of academic study, there is no doubt that college attendance rates alone have been significantly high over the past few years; in 2018 for example — and just in the United States — more than 19.5 million people attended university — that’s approximately 6% of the entire U.S. population during that year. Over the past 2 years, those rates have risen — and, that rate is projected to steadily increase over the years to come, reaching to approximately 20.11 million or more U.S. enrolled college students by the year of 2029. Globally-speaking, current statistics show more significant data — more than 240 million enrolled college students — which is approximately roughly 3.07% of the entire current world population. Without going into detail of how many students are enrolled throughout the entire spectrum of educational levels, we can see the magnitude of the significance of this data which demonstrates that academics alone contribute to more than 10 percent of every individual country’s economic growth on average.

While it is true that humanity as a whole and the global economy benefit dramatically from academics, we also have been seeing a new trend unfold over the past 5-to-10 years that has been drastically changing the way in which educators bring academic study to students; this trend is becoming a new standard that is not replacing classic academic study — but that is actually enhancing such study — and, that trend is called “online academics” — better known as “online education.” Online education is becoming a vitally important means of providing students their studies and provides many benefits that classic academic study doesn’t afford — like the following (non-extensive):

  • financial savings — attending online courses actually helps students save on finances because online education cuts costs to the following (non-extensive): (1) the gas needed to drive to / back from on-campus classes, (2) parking — depending on the parking area, (3) food that you don’t cook and eat at home, (4) physical books and materials — since books rented online are generally cheaper and since note-taking can be done on the computer, (5) child, pet, and elderly care, and (6) additional costs associated with campus life.
  • tangible real-world skills — apart from what online academics provide in the way of course material, students also learn real-world skills that are important in the workforce — such skills as: (1) web browsing, (2) e-mailing, (3) the application of Microsoft Office programs, (4) the application of other important computer programs, and (5) students have the opportunity to use the worldwide web (WWW) to search for a career as they study — as a hidden bonus.
  • learning that sticks — by studying online, students are more than likely to remember what they are taught as they intentionally and personally interact with the material and use their own time to research what they need; online education offers a world of interaction with whatever information is available outside of their actual coursework — meaning that students can grow in their understanding of specific subjects in a more wholesome manner that may even provide them an edge in their future career success.
  • flexibility — having to do with the above — but more specifically — online academics offers a lot of flexibility: (1) students can study at any time they want, (2) students can study accompanied by whatever other activity they want to do, (3) students can study comfortably, (4) students can study with whomever they want, and (5) students have ample opportunity to spend time with work, family, friends, and significant others how they need or want to.
  • convenience — online course study is generally more convenient because: (1) instructors / professors / teachers are generally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, (2) students can study at their own pace and at their opportune times, (3) everything that students need is available — whenever they need it, and (4) students have the freedom to study how they wish to study, doing whatever they like to do even while they study.
  • individualized attention — normally, online course study allows students direct and individualized access to their instructors / teachers / professors.
  • social opportunity — because online classes normally have a collaboration aspect to them, students have the unique opportunity to work directly with their peers which gives them the benefit of getting to know them; this in turn creates new friendships — some of which often last for a lifetime.
  • self-discipline — probably one of the greatest added benefits of online academic study, online education teaches students to be self-disciplined so that they can be more productive in the real world and especially in their future careers.
  • home education — when students partake in online education, they normally study at home — which gets everyone else at home involved in the learning process.

Since online academics is not only a growing standard when it comes to education — but, is in fact a more beneficial means of academic study — there has also been a great need for the provision of high-quality, professional customer care support that meets student needs in a rapid manner and that proficiently facilitates their studies so that they may successfully become whom they have dreamed to be. As is the same with all other industries, students that partake in online education absolutely need some extra help outside of what they receive from their instructors / professors / teachers; customer service — especially outsourced customer care — support has the opportunity to provide students help for what they need in the following ways (non-extensive):

  • customer service representatives help students with any issues connected to the purchase or download of textbooks or applications,
  • customer care support agents help students with any issues that have to do with the purchasing, downloading, or accessing of articles that are important to their studies,
  • customer service professionals help students with issues associated with the accessing of online student portals,
  • customer care representatives help students when it comes to issues regarding the accessing research material online,
  • customer service support agents help students with regards to issues on computer program installation and / or access,
  • customer care professionals help students when it comes to audio / video issues,
  • customer service agents help students with issues pertaining to accessing their school accounts, and
  • customer care support agents also help students when it comes to setting up their computers for their academic studies.

While these issues are truly real for students, it is a grand responsibility for customer service support to provide key high-quality solutions that meet these needs in a fast and efficient manner so that students don’t have any hiccups when it comes to getting their online studies done and so that their academic studies go smoothly, not only allowing them to be entirely productive — but also allowing them to truly enjoy their online coursework.

Callnovo Contact Center is proud to be able to provide such customer service support and is 100% committed to assuring that students live out their dreams and become extremely successful professionals; our outsourced contact center customer care support team has been providing for educators and students alike superb customer service solutions for more than 16 years, and our business gives all online academics-providing clients the privilege of having a complete customer care support package that meets all of their students’ needs in such a way that — from the first year of online study to graduation — students can maximize on their study potential by having all the support and the right tools that they need so that they may become whom they have always wanted to be and can become successful professionals that utilize their skills and talents to positively impact the world and make it a better place to live in. By collaborating with Callnovo Contact Center, online education-providing clients can enjoy a myriad of key benefits (non-extensive):

  • Around the Clock Customer Service Support — Without Locational Limits
    We have strategically-placed offices in more than six countries and in more than ten sites throughout the world; our entire staff not only dynamically provides effective and efficient remote customer care solutions in over 35 languages worldwide (such as: English, Spanish, Mandarin / Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, etcetera) — but, our staff handles overall throughout the entire range of our services more than 1,000 clients. We are thankful for our worldwide coverage because it allows us the opportunity to provide superb customer service support at any time during the day — regardless of the time zone; all online -education-providing clients can feel content and at peace to know that we have highly-skilled offshore and offsite professionals that are available to provide the key solutions that students need for all of their academic study needs — whenever they need them — since providing a highly satisfactory customer service experience is our upmost priority.
  • Complete Customer Care Support
    We offer a complete customer service support package that provides telephone-based, SMS-messaging-based, web-based, e-mail-based, social-media-based and live-chat-based customer care support that has global coverage and multilingual capability, and our client success manager is 100% committed to taking care of all global multilingual customer service responsibilities during each detail of the entire process of outsourced operations — including: the obtaining of client toll-free 1–800 numbers, the designing and recording of professional interactive voice responses (IVRs), the configuration of all telephone systems and CRM settings, the recruitment, interview, testing, and training of all customer service representatives (CSRs), quality assurance, communications, follow-ups, operation feedback, the organization of meetings, recording and monitoring — and so much more. In addition to the above, Callnovo Contact Center’s information technology (IT) team uses leading cloud communication and CRM platforms to cater to clients’ specific requirements; likewise, the IT team handles ticket management, phone recordings, SMS messaging, and social media, as well as advanced reporting and other functions in one perfectly integrated platform.
  • State-of-the-Art Customer Care Tools
    We use the most advanced technology to ensure that each one of our CSRs can effectively and efficiently provide the quickest and most convenient academic study solutions for every and all issues that students may have; the benefit of this is that our current and prospective clients do not need to invest in us since we already have the necessary resources to customer service and tech support needs. By investing in our clients first, we can ensure that no client should have to pay high-cost software license fees, giving them the advantage and privilege of freely enjoying all the advanced features of modern cloud-based call center technology without any extra cost. One of the platforms that we use is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — the most up-to-date standard in client-consumer relations. CRM is the fastest growing and most widely used system available and prides itself in giving customer care agents a complete overview of every consumer during the entire life-cycle of their interactions with each customer service agent; customer care professionals can collaborate with each other in multiple-CSR accounts as well as with their clients’ staff. In addition to this, customer care professionals can see each business’, corporation’s, and consumer’s history, the status of each issue, each business’, corporation’s, and consumer’s social media activity (if applicable), campaign and lead information (if applicable), and so much more. The system is so beneficial that it can move businesses and corporations forward in shifting them from just being productive to being inherently consumer-centered; this not only ensures that needs are met — but also ensures that there is active business growth. Furthermore, one of the best perks that the system provides is the ability to manage issues across the different Telecom and communication channels without losing track of any issues; being able to connect many functions and those that utilize them on one platform is pricelessly valuable for delivering vitally important customer service experiences in a connected way.
  • The Utmost Integrity
    As an ISO 9001-certified outsourced customer service and technical support contact center, we uphold the highest quality of integrity when it comes to client-based solutions, proving that our clients can confide in us completely. For clients, we offer the security of a perfect collaboration experience with a personal touch to our services by emphasizing excellent results, promoting the highest ethics in our many services, as well as by maintaining transparency in our operations and communication — all to the end that our clients can be assured of how extremely important they are to us. On the consumer side of things, we utilize quality control specialists who analyze CSR-consumer interactions in such a way that they can ensure that very high-level language skills are used and that proper customer care is provided. Quality control specialists conduct at least two checks per week per agent to see how each CSR is doing with their customers; if needed, soft-skill training is provided — as well as recommendations on how CSRs can improve their communication. In addition to this, quality control specialists are assigned to any CSR that experiences difficulties in speaking or understanding a language to ensure that they can improve their language skills.
  • Money and Resource Savings — by utilizing Callnovo Contact Center for customer care support outsourcing needs, online academics-providing clients are able to save money and resources the following way (non-extensive): (1) they are able to save on the costs that they would pay for hiring onboard client service staff, (2) they are able to save the time needed to develop and complete projects by allowing more efficient and effective offshore and offsite professionals to take over these projects at a fraction of the cost, (3) they are able to save costs on infrastructure development by allowing professionals offshore and offsite professionals to make the necessary infrastructural changes at a fraction of the cost that industries would spend to do such work onsite, and (4) they are able to save on in-house training and recruitment costs since offshore and offsite partners already have the right professionals needed to take care of all the outsourcing business’ / corporations’ needs.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that academics plays an extremely important role in economic growth and in the development of a better world; with the rise of online academic study, it is imperative that online educators have the customer care tools that are necessary to meet student needs so that students can enjoy a full online academic experience in an effective and efficient way so that they may learn the skills and talents that not only allow them to fulfill their dreams — but, that also allow them to become successful business professionals that positively impact the world. By contracting an outsourced contact center such as our very own Callnovo Contact Center, online educators have access to more than 40 years of education industrial experience combined with more than 16 years of customer care support experience so that they may be able to provide the superb customer service support solutions that students desperately need.

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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