Lazada Vietnam: Behind Lazada’s eCommerce Market Success, Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers with Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Vietnamese Language

Behind Lazada Vietnam’s success within the eCommerce market, Callnovo is ready to help cross-border eCommerce sellers who are either looking to integrate into the Vietnamese eCommerce market or have already started selling in Vietnam via the Lazada Marketplace to connect with Vietnamese consumers in order to build trust with them and then increase their customer acquisition and brand loyalty, bringing strong eCommerce sales success.

Lazada Group’s e-Commerce Market Success in the Southeast Asian Mainland’s Country of Vietnam Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite the debilitating effects of the coronavirus pandemic on global eCommerce markets and e-Commerce consumers, Lazada Group’s Lazada eCommerce platform has been showing some steady growth within the country of Vietnam: Lazada’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Li Chun, recently spoke on e-Commerce’s development across Southeast Asia whereby he mentioned that eCommerce within the region has seen tremendous growth due to an accelerated adoption of Lazada’s e-Commerce platforms from consumers and sellers alike throughout all of Southeast Asia despite the pandemic. In accordance with Lazada’s growth, Lazada’s website had registered within Vietnam and between Q1 2018 and Q3 2019 an approximate leading total of 24.36 million Vietnamese site visitors throughout the quarterly period — with its website currently bringing in approximately 18 million monthly online visitors and counting this year (2021); as that last piece of data refers to website visitors on a monthly basis, the statistic is important to understanding the success of Lazada Vietnam because the amount of monthly visitors accounts for approximately 18.5% of the Vietnamese population and growing that visits Lazada on a monthly basis.

Lazada Vietnam: Important Factors to Ensure the Provision of Exceptional Customer Service that Leads to Sales Success

With Lazada’s steady growth becoming a key factor in its eCommerce sales success, global eCommerce businesses and corporations that are either looking to expand their brand reach to the Vietnamese market or have already found integration into the booming market have an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the market’s booming eCommerce growth and stability to increase their e-Commerce brand loyalty and customer retention rates, securing an even greater e-Commerce market advantage against global competitors. To successfully take advantage of this strong opportunity, it is important for cross-border eSellers to understand some of the important factors that influence the provision of exemplary customer service through the Lazada platform in order to build trust with Vietnamese consumers and likewise influence their loyalty to each e-Commerce brand…

Callnovo Contact Center: A Viable Option to Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service in the Vietnamese Language

Since Lazada’s eCommerce platform is showing strong sales growth in the Vietnamese market and since eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize Lazada’s eCommerce platform to further their sales growth and find an even greater competitive edge in the global market that leads to strong long-term sales success, it is very important to consider providing native customer service in the Vietnamese language that maximizes on Vietnamese customers’ overall sales satisfaction and that ensures that they gain a strong level of trust in the Lazada eCommerce sellers that they purchase from…

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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