eCommerce and the Extreme Importance of Omnichannel Communication and Telecom Platforms for the Provision of Superb Customer Service Solutions

“For the past 5-to-10 years, eCommerce has been effectively replacing the traditional manner in which startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations sell their products and / or services; since consumers have been shifting from making their purchases in physical stores to making their purchases remotely from the comfort of their own homes, there has been an increasing need for customer service and technical support professionals to provide customer service options through multiple communication and Telecom channels such as phone calls, SMS messaging, e-mail, live chat, websites, and social media. By utilizing omnichannel communication platforms for their customer care and tech support goals, businesses / corporations can maximize on their customer retention and brand loyalty potential which in-turn guarantees a competitive advantage and sales success in the global market.”

Vince Lupe is Callnovo Contact Center’s Marketing Assistant; he is proficient in the English and Spanish languages and shares more than 3 years of experience in marketing and in sales, as well over 13 years of experience in a variety of industrial customer service opportunities nationally and internationally. Along with Callnovo’s excellent operation and information technology teams (IT), Vince is dedicated to utilizing his seasoned experience in such a way as to ensure that all of Callnovo’s e-Commerce clients have a reputable call center customer care team to trust in when it comes to resolving their various customer service support needs; likewise, Vince also dedicates his time to externally reaching prospective eCommerce clients with Callnovo’s services while Callnovo’s operation team hires, trains, monitors, and manages competent customer service representatives (CSRs) who are prepared to effectively and efficiently provide key solutions to each client’s business and consumer base and while the IT team manages the CRM platform which has been a vitally important tool for keeping contact center operations fully functional so that CSRs can quickly and professionally provide superb solutions to businesses and consumers through the various channels that they utilize (phone calls, SMS messaging, e-mail, live chat, websites, and / or social media).

As we have seen over the past 5-to-10 years, e-Commerce (i.e. Amazon Sellers, Shopify Sellers, eBay Sellers, Lazada Sellers, Shopee Sellers, Online Stores, etcetera) has been effectively changing the way in which startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations sell their products / services; since the boom of the technological age, it has been becoming easier every year for consumers to make their purchases remotely from the comfort of their own homes. Over the past year alone, more than 24 million commercial stores have been selling their products online worldwide; in the United States itself, 95% of all Americans have made at least one purchase from an e-Commerce store — while a significant 58.3% of global Internet users have shopped online successfully. In addition to this, out of all mobile traffic, 70% all visits contribute to e-Commerce sales — as well as 55% of all revenue that is incurred by browsing online.

As it is becoming clear that eCommerce is increasingly becoming a standard means by which consumers purchase their product / services, businesses / corporations cannot negate the fact that there is a need to provide superb customer care and tech support solutions that urgently meet consumers where they’re at so that consumers can find satisfaction in their sales experiences which in turn leads to an increase in brand recognition and also in customer loyalty; customer care is a vitally important aspect of every sales experience because customer service and tech support representatives are considered to be the face of every startup, small, medium, and large business and corporation. When we speak of customer service representatives being the “face” of every business and corporation, what we mean is that — from the beginning of the provider-consumer relationship to the last interaction that consumers have with any business or corporation — customer care agents are always interacting with business’ / corporations’ consumers; from pre-sales to post-sales, customer service professionals have the opportunity — and also the grand responsibility — to add high value to each consumer’s sales experience — which increases the chance that those consumers will remain loyal to the businesses / corporations that they purchase products / services from and also possibly influences them to tell others by word-of-mouth to purchase from the same businesses / corporations. Whenever consumers enjoy an excellent customer care experience, they naturally add a lot of value to the products / services that they have purchased which allows them to more easily justify the prices that they paid for such products / services.

Since customer service is an extremely important aspect of every business’ and corporation’s sales — and, since consumers are generally utilizing the worldwide web (WWW) to make their purchases — it is imperative that businesses and corporations utilize multiple-channeled communication and Telecom platforms such as phone calls, SMS messaging, e-mail, live chat, websites, and social media to reach consumers where they’re at so that they can provide a quick and thorough customer care experience. Cross-channel communication and Telecom platforms offer many benefits (non-extensive):

Our very own Callnovo Contact Center has been privileged over the years to be able to provide outsourced eCommerce customer care and technical support that reaches beyond regular Telecom communication channels; the whole spectrum of communication and Telecom channels is extremely valuable to us for reaching consumers at their own convenience so that each consumer can receive a personalized customer service experience in an effective and efficient manner that touches their hearts and that influences them to remain loyal to the e-Commerce businesses / corporations that they make their purchases from. By collaborating with an outsourced e-Commerce contact center such as ours, all eCommerce businesses and corporations can enjoy a myriad of benefits that can help them to facilitate a superb customer service experience that matches price with value and that creates lasting customer relations; some of these benefits that businesses / corporations — like yours — could take advantage of are:

In conclusion, businesses and corporations have the opportunity of a lifetime to take advantage of the technology that we have available today to provide excellent customer care solutions to e-Commerce consumers unlimitedly via the use of multichannel communication and Telecom platforms; by taking advantage of this opportunity, there is no doubt that startups, small, medium, and large businesses and corporations would competitively find strong success in the global market due to the fact that the utilization of such channels guarantees a steady growth in brand recognition, a secure hold of an excellent business reputation, a strong but steady increase in customer loyalty, and in-turn the security of knowing that their business / corporation will continue to hold a good share of the market against their competitors which likewise brings in a significant increase in revenue. We invite your business or corporation to maximize on this opportunity by collaborating with Callnovo Contact Center so that together we can prioritize your consumers’ customer service experiences and then build a strong customer base that brings long-term financial dividends; your financial future is our top priority, and we are 100% committed to helping you reach your short-term and long-term business goals.

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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