Comparison US UK Customer Satisfaction Expectations and the Importance of Excellent English Language Customer Service

Two U.S. citizens and two U.K. citizens hold up their respective flags as they smile; the displayed title brings with it the notion that there will be a comparison between US and UK customer satisfaction expectations.

Within The United States and the United Kingdom, not only English is the native language, however they also have related historical backgrounds. Apart from the general difference in accent, expression, and vocabulary between both countries, there’re subtle differences when referring to customer service culture. Many international brands expand to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to sell their products via their own websites or E-Commerce platforms — so, these global businesses need to reply on English customer service teams for the cultivation of successful product sales.

Callnovo — a global customer service outsourcing solution

Callnovo’s global outsourced customer service operations teams are professionals with top-quality expertise; they have reliable and complete omnichannel tech solutions for serving U.S. and U.K. sales markets.

Between customers — comparison US UK customer satisfaction expectations

Although the U.S. and U.K. are two big sales markets for eCommerce businesses and remote corporations, there are many difficulties in maintaining business in each country. A highly-skilled English customer service team is necessary for maintaining a recognized brand name and long-term sales profitability in both markets.

Moreover, there’ve been studies and consumer research reports in the United States and the United Kingdom which highlighted the fact that American consumers are more critical than British consumers in terms of what constitutes pleasant customer satisfaction experiences.

Key differences between US and UK customers

As outlined below, we’ll take a look at — comparison US UK customer satisfaction expectations:

  • It’s been proven that longer wait times for customer service are much less tolerated by Americans than by the British; for example, about 22% of Americans said that, when customer service representatives put their call on hold for a little longer time period than they like, they generally choose to simply hang up. Juxtaposed to that, it’s been proven that only 16% of all British people tend to hang up in such situations.
  • Approximately 58% of British consumers are willing to give brands a chance to correct poor service; in contrast to that, only 37% of American customers are willing to do the same.
  • United States customers complain more often when disappointed or dissatisfied with the quality of customer care services; moreover, approximately 50% of American consumers spread word to others of unsatisfactory customer service experiences received from brands. As opposed to that, only 27% of United Kingdom customers will openly publicize such bad service experiences…

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