Cash on Delivery (COD) within the eCommerce Market in Vietnam: Callnovo Contact Center Has the Expert Service Necessary to Help eCommerce Sellers Overcome Pain Points and Ensure Completed Transactions

The cash on delivery (COD) logistics model — also known as collect on delivery and payment on delivery — is one of the most preferred payment methods by eCommerce consumers in Vietnam due to the fact that they prefer seeing their ordered products before paying for them; though the COD business model comes with pain points, Callnovo’s localized Vietnamese customer service can help cross-border eCommerce sellers within the Vietnamese eCommerce market to minimize the risks associated with the logistics model in order to close transactions with Vietnamese consumers so that global eCommerce sellers can successfully build customer acquisition and secure strong brand loyalty.

Cash on Delivery: its Significance within the Vietnamese Market

Within Asia, Eastern Europe, and the subcontinent of India, cash on delivery — also known as collect on delivery or payment on delivery — is a preferred logistics model amongst global eCommerce sellers for multiple reasons; within the eCommerce market of Southeast Asia’s Vietnam specifically, COD is a vital payment option because, culturally-speaking, the Vietnamese people do not place a high level of trust in the commerce and e-Commerce sales industries. Vietnamese consumers like to have the option of being to inspect the quality of brands’ products before completing transactions with their payments — so, they like to pay in cash in order to seal the deal — but, only after being able to see the product. This truth is actually very significant from an eCommerce perspective; ever since 2017, it has been estimated that up to 85% of Vietnamese e-Commerce consumers give or take prefer to pay for goods via cash — which is a relatively high percentage given the number of eCommerce customers that purchase products from e-Commerce consumers per year. In consideration of this, COD is in fact a relatively important payment method because it allows eCommerce customers the freedom of being able to see the products that they have ordered before having to commit to payment for the products and before having to finalize the sales transaction.

Cash on Delivery: its Pain Points within the Vietnamese Market

Within the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam’s eCommerce market, there are a lot of disadvantages when it comes to the e-Commerce COD logistics model — especially when it comes to ensuring the completion of a sales purchase; such pain points can be a major risk for both international and national eCommerce sellers because they can actually cause eCommerce companies financial losses if not properly dealt with. Some of the major disadvantages to the e-Commerce COD logistics model are…

How to Reduce the Risks Associated with the COD Logistics Model

The Importance of an Outsourced Contact Center’s Localized Customer Service

Global e-Commerce businesses that have already integrated into or have been looking to integrate into the Vietnamese e-Commerce sales market are able to successfully minimize the risks that are associated with the COD logistics model’s pain points by utilizing localized customer service in the Vietnamese language that can reduce the express rejection rate or increase the sign-off rate when it comes to the completion of cash transactions…

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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