Amazon Poland Ready to Launch: Callnovo is Ready to Help Global eCommerce Sellers’ Entrance into the Polish Market by Providing Exceptional Localized Customer Service

With Amazon Poland now ready to be launched, global eCommerce sellers have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into the Polish eCommerce market; Callnovo can help e-Commerce sellers tap into the market with localized customer service in the Polish language, increasing customer acquisition and influencing Polish customers to remain long-term loyal customers to the brands that they purchase from., Inc.’s Launch in Poland: Providing an Unprecedented Opportunity for Global eCommerce Sellers

On Wednesday, January 27th 2021, Amazon announced that it is planning on officially launching its eCommerce seller platform in the “booming 19 billion dollar market” of one of Central Europe’s countries, Poland — a young, attractive market for the development of eCommerce that has also been showing positively optimistic economic growth since 2019; Poland had an all-time record of 10 billion euros (approximately 12.1 billion U.S. dollars) in online consumer spending throughout the year of 2020 when it comes to main eCommerce product categories, including clothing, consumer electronics, food, furniture, and toys, as well as having increased its eCommerce spending by 25% in comparison to last year. With Poland’s eCommerce sales future looking optimistic, Amazon has decided to take advantage of the market opportunity by launching its website within Poland as, providing for global e-Commerce sellers an excellent opportunity for market expansion into the Polish market in order to increase their brand identity and customer acquisition so that they could gain a stronger competitive advantage in the global market against their competitors, guaranteeing strong long-term sales success and financial stability.

Callnovo Contact Center is an International Leader in Outsourced Call Center Customer Service.

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