Malaysia eCommerce Market — its Dominance and Shopee’s Success: Callnovo’s Localized Customer Service in the Malaysian Language Can Successfully Help Global eCommerce Sellers

The Malaysian eCommerce Market and Shopee’s e-Commerce Success

The Malaysian e-Commerce market has been proving year-after-year its success as one of the most rapidly-emerging and most highly-sustainable eCommerce markets in Southeast Asia even above other prominent e-Commerce markets such as the booming eCommerce market of Indonesia and the strongly emerging e-Commerce market of Vietnam due to its extremely-significant internet penetration rate of 85.7% and its highly-important mobile penetration rate which exceeds that of 100%; its current eCommerce market value stands at USD$ 4.3 billion dollars and is forecast to fully double by 2024 to a whopping USD$ 8.1 billion dollars. With its strong market success, Malaysia’s eCommerce sales merchants — especially the highly-esteemed Shopee Malaysia — have been showing some unprecedented shopper online traffic numbers over the past year and up to the present; as of late, Shopee Pte Ltd — with its eCommerce site — has become the highlighted e-Commerce marketplace with an unprecedented 21.26 million monthly web visits, an astonishing 14.8 million monthly Facebook platform visits, and a vitally important 551.7 thousand monthly Instagram platform visits — providing for cross-border eCommerce sellers an excellent opportunity to tap into the Malay eCommerce market through the Shopee sales platform in order to strongly increase overall customer acquisition numbers and in-turn create a significantly larger customer base that can guarantee long-term sales success and financial stability in the ever-increasingly more competitive global eCommerce market.

Shopee Pte Limited: Service Standards and their Preferred Seller Advantages

With the Malay Shopee eCommerce marketplace proving to be a highly successful sales opportunity within the crown-holding Malaysian eCommerce market for global eSellers looking to tap into the Malaysian market even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important for such cross-border eSellers to correctly align themselves with the seller service standards found within Shopee’s Malaysian eCommerce platform; by adhering to the eCommerce standards of service within Shopee Malaysia, global eCommerce sellers can take advantage of an opportunity to increase their Shopee seller shop’s visibility and visitor traffic. Shopee’s e-Commerce seller service standards guarantee eSellers specific Preferred Seller privileges — such as:

  • participation in Shopee My Ads campaigns — improving product exposure, store visibility, and even incrementing the chance that eCommerce brands’ products find ranking within the top five product search results
  • incrementation of Shopee eCommerce buyer trust — steadily incrementing e-Commerce brand reach growth and also raising customer retention rates which leads to an increase in eCommerce sales and an improvement in e-Commerce sales success sustainability
  • boosting the product search ranking — likewise improving eSellers’ product reach within the top rankings of Shopee product searches which has the added benefit of improving product visibility and brand reach, and also subsequently incrementing eCommerce sales success
  • attracting more Shopee product purchasers with the Shopee Coins reward system — providing for e-Commerce shoppers an exclusive opportunity to gain Shopee Coins for future purchases which allows them to save money on eCommerce product purchases

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